How It Works

Dear Recruiter:

Go For it! (published 4 x a years) and Selikoff 2000 (published 3 x a year)  are trade publications given out at CEU and CME courses throughout the country.

Often, we are the only recruitment publication available at these events.

How It Works
As the professionals  walks into the CEU/CMEs, Go For It! or Selikoff 2000 is in their binders. During the buffet/lunch  break, they read the ads and whoever has extra cell phone minutes, calls the Recruiter. Then 5 -10 professionals at the table, interview the Recruiter. If the Recruiter is not there, they leave an email address, telephone number or a physical address to receive information regarding the position. Thus, your ad money is never wasted.

Our WEB site is created to send the candidates to your home page. Finally, we post the current events on The Swan Report as they occur – i.e. layoffs/freezes, hospital closings, mergers, etc.  In 7 days, we are averaging 100 hits to the site.

Go for It!/Selikoff 2000 is an outgrowth of an Independent Study a Harvard University’s Grad. School of Education, teaching Mass Media at several MA universities,  and participating at the MIT Enterprises Form.

The most number of ad responses is 25 – least 15.

Are we in your neighborhood? Please review the Supplemental CEU/CME List.

60-100 CEUs,AJN’s National Conf., Minority, Nursing & Allied Health Conf., & Schools
800-1,000 – CMEs, Directors of Medical Education & Alumni of Harvard, BU & Tufts.
Online/WEB Options also available. for both publications.

We can also locate specific state, regional and national CEUs/CMEs: sharing location, cost of CME, proposed number of attendees, etc.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call 1-800-382-4069.

All the best,
Rachel Selikoff, MBA + 30
Selikoff Enterprises tm est 1985