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The Very Latest Trends Report, March 2013

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Dear Recruiters: Reach, Price, Quality! (Synonyms for what U want!)

Welcome to Spring 2013!

This is a season of opposites and controversy, in the physician recruitment market place.

1)  A study is being done to determine the value of robotic surgery for hysterectomies over other minimally invasive surgery. (WSJ 2/20/13) Now we need fewer surgeons?

2)  Should women over 40 40 get annual mammogram’s?
Yes – Catching cancer early improves the odds of beating it
No – The benefits are small, and the costs can be great.
How many hospitals can carry these possible expenses?

3)  Should medical residents be required to work shorter shifts?
Yes – Long shifts are harmful to both patients and doctors.
No – More work hours mean more learning opportunities.
Could they add more doctors to their programs, to ease this burden?

4) Should states opt out of the health law’s Medicaid expansion?
Yes – It represents bad welfare – and health policy
No – It offers cost efficient coverage for the most needy.
Can we create another hospital care system?

5) Should healthy people have their genomes sequenced at this time?
Yes – For patients, knowledge can be a powerful tool.
No – The information, for now,  is too difficult to understand. (WSJ 2/19/13)
Can we have accurate information available, for all concerned?

The above questions and answers are ones that new grads and experienced professionals will want to ask the recruiters, as they sign onto facilities that match their values, goals and professionalism.

We are lucky to have all the distribution emails for the groups offering Spring 2013 CME from the last 10 years; thus, keeping our distribution high.

Distribution: Directors of Medical Education, Harvard, Tufts, UMass, Boston University,
plus, CMEs and Professional Physicians organizations throughout United States. Plus,our Link IN Account got 400 hits in February and up to 14,000 for March, due to a feed with The NY Times.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call – 781-784-3054. Our entire firm is here to serve you.

All the best,

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