The Swan Report

The Very Latest Trends Report – March 12, 2012

A Swan’s growth requires movement into new bodies. Similarly, professionals grow into their new positions. Thus, we have called these trends The Swan Report. Hopefully, The Swan Report will provide assistance during these changes.

From the staff at Selikoff Enterprises


Greatest concern are the April 1st proposed Medicaid restructuring. There are 500 proposed diagnosis that Washington states’ Medicaid will not reimburse for treatment – yet, physicians are legally responsible to treat. Instead the state will pay a screening fee of approximately $50.00 if the patient is a part of a private pay version of Medicaid, which at this point in time has about 60% of the patient population. The purpose is to avoid the abuse to Emergency Rooms in Washington state hospitals.

This will result in unpaid work due to the ethical, moral and liability dilemmas. The goal is to direct the population to lower cost options, like Urgent Care Clinics. Emergency Room physician groups, Medical and Hospital associations are lobbying against this initiative. Tennessee and Iowa are launching different but similar plans. All are watching to see how it will occur or not occur in the other 47 states.

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