Welcome to Selikoff Enterprises©

Welcome to Selikoff Enterprises©

Presenting your position to prospective professionals is challenging!

Within 7 seconds, applicants decide if they want to reread, ask questions or move on.

Our Competitive Edge – 28 years of industry experience – including family expertise.

Individual ads on Selikoff Enterprises website will have a link to your website.

Go For It! is distributed with AJN’s National Programs, CEU Nursing and Allied Health Conferences, National Professional Nursing and Allied Health Career Planning Departments.

Selikoff 2000 is distributed to CME conferences – meeting the seasoned professional looking to learn more skills and networking with colleagues, Directors of Medical Education, and Informal and Formal Networks.

Professional Assistance – 28 years of award winning training and skills

Clarify your Needs and Highlight Position’s Assets for your urgent and difficult searches

Provide Market Intelligence through The Swan Report

Locate state, regional and national conferences pinpointing your individual needs i.e. Pediatric Trauma Surgeon, female OB/GYN, PA/NP conferences, etc.

Sophistically designed ads, web postings, and direct mail letters that you can reuse for your continued future success.

Additional distribution occurs when applicants walk through the doors of the CEU/CME, Go For It! or Selikoff 2000 it is in their binder. At the lunch/buffet, the applicants call the recruiters to ask for more information. This results in 8-10 applicants speaking to you per conference. Recruiters than have a list of potential applicants for future use. Your ad dollars are never wasted.

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  1. My son has applied Harvard for Fall 2010 as freshman and he is having an interview by Harvard representative this weekend. Does anyone know what kind of questions that he might have? What’s next after the interview? My son has admitted by two universities already but his goal is to go to Harvard. Any advise or suggestions would be helpful and thanks in advance.

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